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You will be warmly welcomed in our intimate restaurant where a personal approach is customary. Cozy, tasteful, and affordable lunch & dinner, but also for parties and meetings we are at your service.

The concept is pure, let the quality of what is on offer speak for itself in an environment where everyone feels comfortable.

Sitting in our elegant restaurant bar, you can enjoy the garden in front of our place, while you taste some of our abundant and tasty dishes of international cuisine.

At Atomic Bar, you will have the pleasure to enjoy nature, the sea, and of course our delicious dishes all year round. In addition to the restaurant with a spacious ambiance and cheerful service, an attractive room is also available for larger groups, for example for a party or corporate meeting.

It is not without reason that Atomic Bar is known as the tastiest restaurant in Williamstown.

Would you like something special in a variety of food and drinks?

Whether you fancy a casual dinner with a delicious steak sandwich or you prefer a gastronomic evening with goodies from the seafood; you’re always in the right place. Flood the whole thing with a beautiful view and enjoyment has never been easier!

If you are a true seafood lover, we have a surprise for you that you will love! Atomic Bar is the paradise in Williamstown, where you can savor the best seafood on your palate in the freshest and most delicious way.

We believe in the Multicuisine culture, but we also love to be fully involved in each dish, work with an excellent product and continue to develop our menu. And all this without leaving the city! A range of flavors distributed in the bar and restaurant.

We wanted to bring energy to Williamstown and invite our guests to relax, to enjoy a good meal and enjoy party time, with family or friends, and surrounded by a good atmosphere.

Atomic Bar is a restaurant that transforms each dish into an unforgettable culinary experience. Let your imagination fly, while you enjoy your favorite drinks and taste the best dishes in Williamstown.

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